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Fools and Corpses is a single-system narrative-driven tabletop RPG. The driving motivation behind Fools and Corpses was the desire to create an RPG that was:

  1. Intuitive to play.
  2. Easy to start playing.
  3. Easy to create content for.
  4. Beholden to the narrative, not the numbers.

The resulting system is campaign-setting agnostic, easy to adapt to any situation, and quick to resolve. The entire notion is that any time spent doing math or looking up rules is time spent away from the narrative, which to us is the entire point.

To achieve the intended effect of the system, we rely heavily on the Game Master's and player's interpretation of the reality they're in. This means that many of the rules in Fools and Corpses are "soft". We have decided that this is an acceptable design parameter and have tried to capitalize on the flexibility it buys us. We've been really pleased with the result, as it makes sessions easier to plan, run, and adapt as the players (inevitably) go off the planned path.

Fools and Corpses has at its heart an element of trust. It assumes the GM and the players are more or less on the same side, with the shared goal of creating an enjoyable, interesting, and engaging story, instead of "winning" or being the most important person at the table. It’s a game to play with friends, a method and a language to collaboratively express your creativity.

You can download a printable version of the character sheet below, or use the Google Sheets version available here : https://bit.ly/2uBoQvW

A NOTE ON CONTENT: Fools and Corpses is a rule set. It doesn't include any characters, settings, equipment descriptions, or any other campaign setting content. However, one should never say never (hint hint).

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